Frank Kenny

Meet the Author

Frank Kenny, an esteemed researcher and author in the field of religious history, brings a unique perspective to the understanding of historical religious conflicts and their impacts on modern society. With a background in technology and a passion for history, Frank has successfully merged these interests into a career that spans across various international companies. His professional journey is not limited to career accomplishments but includes a deep, enduring exploration of humanity’s past.

Frank’s expertise lies in meticulously researching the history of Abrahamic religions and observing their influence on human conflicts through the ages. His work, particularly his multivolume series on Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, reflects a profound understanding of the evolution of these religions and their roles in shaping human history. This book, the first volume of the series, showcases his mission to challenge conventional narratives and offer new perspectives on the historical march of religious ideologies.

His educational journey took him from Trinity College Dublin to the Open University, where he earned a BSc in technology and a diploma in IT. This academic foundation laid the groundwork for his diverse career, which includes working as a project manager for power and desalination plants worldwide. Frank’s role in these international settings further enriches his insights into global cultures and historical contexts.

Born in Ireland, Frank Kenny balances his professional life with a fulfilling personal one. He is married with three children and finds joy in hobbies like researching history, playing music, and hill trekking. These activities not only provide him with relaxation but also help him connect more deeply with the world’s diverse cultures and landscapes.