A Journey into the Roots of Faith

Discover the History That Shaped Today’s Religions

Explore the origins of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam with historian Frank Kenny’s groundbreaking narrative. The God of War unveils the complex evolution of a deity worshipped across three major faiths and how the figure of a benevolent God was challenged over time.

Unlock the Mysteries of Religion and History

Travel back through 3,000 years of world history as you explore the journey from the highlands of Canaan to the killing fields of the Persian and Roman empires. Learn how the enduring legacy of the Abrahamic faiths converged in ancient texts, and discover the impact these faiths continue to have on our world today.

What You’ll Find in The God of War:


Explore the progression of religious beliefs

And their impact on global conflicts and societal transformation.


Witness how the conflict lines emerged

Emerged between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, despite their mutual reverence for Abraham, father of their faiths. Learn how these differences led to centuries of war and bloodshed.


Unearth the anachronisms of the Bible

And the historical context that shaped them.


Get a clearer understanding of the march of Yahweh,

God of War, from obscure provincial deity to arbiter of human morality.


Travel across 3,000 years of world history

From the highlands of Canaan to the killing fields of the Persian and Roman empires. Encounter the remarkable men and women who played a significant role.


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What Makes The God of War Stand Out?

Meticulously Researched

Packed with historical detail, providing an impartial examination of the religious conflicts that still shape our world today.


Challenges conventional narratives and invites readers to explore the complexities of faith.

Engaging and Accessible

A compelling narrative that brings history to life, making it a must-read for anyone interested in religion, history, and global affairs.

Meet the Author

Frank Kenny

Frank Kenny, an esteemed researcher and author in the field of religious history, brings a unique perspective to the understanding of historical religious conflicts and their impacts on modern society. With a background in technology and a passion for history, Frank has successfully merged these interests into a career that spans across various international companies. His professional journey is not limited to career accomplishments but includes a deep, enduring exploration of humanity’s past.