The Sacrificial Journey: A Father’s Test of Faith

by | Apr 15, 2024

This is an excerpt from my new book: God of War

“Isaac looked at he tall figure above him with a knife raised, ready to strike. Beneath him, the rough wood set on a makeshift altar of stones supported his thin frame. On the ground nearby, a clay pot held the flicker- ing fire to light the sacrifice.

As Isaac lay there bound in silent terror, he tried to discern the look in his father’s eyes. Was it anger, despair, or insanity? He was not sure.

For three days, they had been travelling through the hills of Moriah. On the third day, after ordering the slaves to wait, father and son had continued the journey alone. Isaac carried the wood on his back, while his father held the knife and fire.

“Where is the lamb to be sacrificed?” Isaac had asked.

His father answered only that God would provide, but now Isaac understood: he would be the sacrifice.”